May 4, 2012

The Art of Art

The Art of Art- 

After a large and wonderful cup of coffee I continued my thought on The Art of Art. Well, what is it? You may ask.

After some more coffee and listening to a little bit of Norah Jones (little broken hearts- It's soo good, it's sick.. you should probably go listen to it after your done reading my thoughts on the art of art if I ever get there) I came to the conclusion THAT..

There is no real art of art but  to be your self in an expression, and to try not to make your work look like someone else's, because there is no one right thing. only an expression. don't get me wrong, influence is real and good, so is inspiration it's just when worry and comparison comes in when it goes wrong.

Sooo.. Be your self today! Do something that  s p e l l s YOU! Have fun? Yes! Think of something that you have never done but have wanted to do  for a long time or even better make a spur of the moment kind of thing.. For example- Put two different colors of socks on today, ware your pant inside-out just because, or make something that YOU really like, make it so that it's NOT perfect, rip up something, go make friends with the librarian.

Hope you enjoyed this! Have a wonderful day!

my coffee^^


  1. I couldn't agree more! I think a lot of artists compare themselves to other artists who, say, are having lots of success selling their work. But it's so important to remain true to yourself as an artist, and to your creativity. I live by the motto: First priority always is to keep making art. :o)

    1. Totally agree!^^ Really great Motto, I just might have to steal it! ;)