Jul 26, 2012

Summer Fashion.

I have a thing about Fall and spring fashion that just wont let me get past how i feel about summer fashion. I don't dislike it.. I just don't know how to dress for it sometime, especially recently considering i have become even more obsessed with fall fashion because I've wished so hard  that it was fall so that we can get rid of this weather!! So you may or may not see my problem.. but i am trying to get inspired more for summer. here are my attempts >>

Scarf, Black dress. 
Beautiful necklace by Sparklefarm on Etsy

I LOVE this outfit!

That right there is a beautiful bag.

Prettys. ;)

Amazing outfit, really loving the skirt. 

Simple but beautiful.


Jul 21, 2012

July Fun

Getting ready for fall! can't wait. Having fun stocking up on freshly crafted products!! :)

Chiffon Aérer

                                      Chevron Necklaces  ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Chiffon Aérer- New logo!! yay!

Creating. :)

Thanks for reading!

Jul 17, 2012


I'm in need of some motivation.. And as you may have guessed or as I may have hoped, I am blogging to help my "motivational stats"..  I might just need a blank piece of paper to draw something on.. anything, really.  anywho, I figured that since it's so hot out side and I needed to blog something this would be the most constructive thing to do.

hope these things will motivate and inspire you as much as they have me! :)

Vintage, love.

Audrey Hepburn 

Simple and elegant 

White and grey

Good morning

oh my gosh yes.. I really need one.


Brick and bright studio.

Photography. :) Sigh.. This is beautiful.

My greenhouse dream. 
love this.

Beautiful fashion, i love you!

Italy, come to me! or me come to you?

Bike. :)
Coldplay- Postcards From Far Away 

Jul 9, 2012

New Found Neon

These are the things that happen when I get left alone for to long.. I start making things out of.. Everything! Broken light bulb?  Check!     I also have a new found love.. of, neon.. alas it's true. I also mayy o may not have made Geometric neon jewelry..  Yep it's true. you don't think it's coming until it hits you.

Enjoy my latest creations-
A sneak peak from another photo shoot with the Light bulb hanging vases!
My new little friend! - The result of a broken light bulb.

Some neon is growing on me.. Oh, no. And it's a geometric shape!?  Handmade by me! Listing- Click here

My new obsession- Geometric Jewelry. Hand made by me! Listed here- Click this link.. Or don't, but do.

I hope you enjoyed today's post by The Artsist.