Oct 30, 2013


     This is my first introduction of my Spring 2014 pieces, that is profoundly over-due. I have four great pieces already started, and can't wait to begin the rest. There are a few items I can't wait to get out there, having to do with my favorite shoes. Hint, hint.

I have some ambition to start posting an outfit here and there. You might be seeing a few throughout the week.  With a preview of some of the spring items, to be sure. There is already a dainty little necklace that I've been taking off only to go to bed.

It's now time to go knock out some serious cleaning while I still have time. It'll be the only way I stay sane until Saturday, if i do it.


Oct 24, 2013


"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." 

This is, in fact, how I feel. Over the last two months I feel like my life has been overwhelmed with change (all good change), and still is. The only thing that's kept me from being completely frenzied is focusing all of my energy on building the new. It been wonderful to see all the beautiful things that have come out of it, and all of the loathsome things that have become beautiful.

I ordered THE pink egg beautyblender, that so many of you have been talking about. I've heard it was made by the hands of baby angels themselves, and can't wait to try it out- Be assured that you will be hearing more on this subject after they arrive.

For all of you fitness buffs(literally): Training for the old Half-Marathon is going well, I'm getting to end of week 4 (of 12). Today is my first 5 mile run, not too shabby for me. I bought myself a little "congratulation's you're doing awesome Alyssa" gift- A pair of Zara sweats for running, now that the temperature has dropped. (I also bought a pair of trainers [not for running], and coated leggings, which is all non-related, just exciting.) Yes. I felt it was needed. Feel free to mock me on this subject, I would.

As most of you may know we had a giveaway on the blog Monday-Wednesday. Thank you, to my four wonderful entries. Smile. You're awesome. Andddddd, we have a winner- Jennifer J. was the lucky draw!!

Also, I'm dying to get my hands on a sewing machine. I was thinking of getting a Brother. Do you have a favorite old faithful?

Oct 22, 2013


                                                                    [Zara Jacquard Jacket]
   So... I don't know if I've ever told you how much I love jackets, but now you know. I thought I would share some of my finds this morning (from my eternal search)- and get ready, this is the best part... They're all on sale!! first off... Lets talk about the Zara Jacquard Jacket.. Umm... So freaking clean and chic looking. And of course the H&M Leather Biker Jacket is purely a staple.  Light quilted jacket to throw on and add a pop of color? Check.

                                   [H&M Leather Biker Jacket]                                                               [Zara Light Quilted Jacket]

Oct 21, 2013


All I have to say is, there's nothing worse than feeling under-dressed at an event. Also, is there a limit on how many days you can rock the same up-do?

Now that I've got my random comments out in the light, lets move on to better things. Today we are have a giveaway! The winner will win two of the bracelets above, one in silver and one in gold.

The requirements:
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4. Optional: Leave email address.

The giveaway is open to anyone and everyone. It will end Wednesday October 23rd. Once you've entered, it's just a waiting game. The Lucky winner will get an email (if given) or a comment from me (if email is not given).   Best of luck to you, xx


     This is a little something I like to call the "Monthly playlist".. I usually go through music incredibly quickly (Unless its an artist I just can't shake, everyone has to have their staples), and I have people constantly asking what I listen to. So, why not make a playlist each month and share? From here on out there will be one of these posts each month at some point or another, with some fresh tunes for you. Feel free to follow along on my Spotify account as well.
The above photo is the art work for James Vincent McMorrow's new album Post Tropical (JAN 2014) and single Cavalier (Released October 19, 2013). This will be the second full-length album for this Dublin born Indie/Folk artist. The single "Cavalier" has settled right into my favorite listens the last two days. I can't wait to hear in January where the rest of the album takes us.


Oct 20, 2013


Double Bill: Léa Seydoux on Nowness.com

Oh rag & bone, all of these pieces are so beautiful and so badass.
not sure if I know what to do with myself.

Oct 19, 2013


     We're having a Giveaway!! It will be featuring something from the shop. This being our first one  I thought I would give everyone a heads up: It will begin on Monday October 21st and will close Wednesday October 23rd. This giveaway is open to anyone and everyone! (More details will be posted here and on the Chiffon Aérer  Facebook  Monday Morning)

Oct 18, 2013


Pink, pink, pink. Fashion to food. I have to say, I am a fan of this lovely new brand and logo flooding Starbucks, but the pink is coming in full force- It's begun to make me feel claustrophobic. No disrespect to you pink lovers, of course.

Oct 15, 2013


  This OPI happy/not so happy nail polish is my new favorite. I was looking for the perfect dark purple and was able to score this on sale (which, as we all know- validates everything). Though I'm not a huge nail polish person, I can't seem to get past the dark nail colors, or classic white.

      Here's a little flash back and reminder from this spring, I wrote this for my  first personal blog (The Wood Tumblr) post and have though of it frequently lately. Reading this compels me to think, always leaving me with a desire to write more. Enjoy:

     "I am in the woods. My life is not “in the clear” and hope it never will be. I am in it. This is me hopeful that my life is never rid of what’s inside me. I want to forever remember who I am, and the one who made me. To forget who you are is to forget Love. You may think of Love every hour of everyday but do you remember what’s been done in you by Love? This is my journey of a constant reminder. welcome."


Oct 14, 2013


     I can't do anything but express how great this (extra long) weekend was, so many beautiful people to enjoy and look forward to encountering in the future. New and old acquaintances, all at once, I'm now unsure what to do with my self. 0 to 60 then back down suddenly is a wonderful and hard thing, that, in the end, is worth it.

Trying to get back into full swing now, working on the shop, trying (and failing) to figure out whats wrong with the playback in Logic, and settling my mind back into academics. I literally feel like I'm going to go insane.. I need to make a huge map for the rest of the school year (one that rolls up and down to hang on my wall. Kinda like one of those car window cover things? Just not so annoying.) - So many goals, hopefully all attainable if i can just screw my head on the right way and focus.

Midi Rings!!! It's all I can think of (as far as design goes) the last few days. I'm in love. So, to feed my obsession, I've crafted a few leather midi rings (you may have seen them in the first picture of the Fall/Winter lookbook), which I am proud to announce are now available in the shop! Oh goodness, they are my new favorite thing in my wardrobe. So simple, but seem to be really catching peoples eye.

Oct 10, 2013

Color Watch: Navy

It's looking like navy is the new black this fall, I do have to say I love the classic black, but, there's something about it I like. I mean what's not to love about this cozy square knit navy sweater, just tell me. (I've also been eyeing this Chanel nail polish in blue satin)  Navy is such a great combination if hard and soft, looking forward to seeing it on the streets in all forms, this fall.

sweater: Zara

Oct 9, 2013


Lookbook Fall/Winter 2013/14- So excited to have this done, already looking forward to the spring/summer 2014 lookbook- Lots of good ideas up my sleeve. Check out all the pieces individually in the shop- ChiffonAérer Shop

Here's to another day in the life,
A  (click on the link below to view more of the Fall/ Winter Lookbook)

Oct 8, 2013


Is anyone else enjoying rain? This has been such a beautiful week so far, it's only beginning and is escalating to craziness. So many lovely people coming into town (starting today) , I won't know what to do with myself.
Above is the  ACURE oil control moisturizer, finding one that works for my oily skin isn't easy; and I love this! That and my ULTA primer & foundation are my favorite things in the makeup bag right now. I bought the ULTA foundation as a quick fix but have found I love the way it goes on, it's very sheer and light feeling. 

Oct 6, 2013


Hello my dearest friend October (A few days late)! Fall is almost here and it's time to start layering, why not include a backpack? This one definitely lightens the mood of most outfits, which is good for my tendencies toward a dark color pallet. Also, did I mention that it's the perfect size??! I've had such a hard time finding one that hold everything I need it to. particularly a laptop and a few text books. It fits a laptop with plenty of room to spare for books! I spent my day going through my closet emptying out all of the "extras" and paring down to my favorite pieces. This is something I hope to continue doing consistently, considering.. let's be honest here.. It make getting dressed way easier.

This Friday was my first day of a 12 week training for a half marathon. I went for a little barefoot run on the beach, (though it sounds blindly enchanting) I came crawling home with blisters on both feet- tomorrow will be interesting.

Backpack: Urban Outfitters (It's crazy on sale right now too!!)

Oct 3, 2013

The Future of Fashion: Maiyet

Sleepwalking in the Rift on Nowness.com

Cary Fukunaga Directs an East African Love Story For the Luxury Label Maiyet.

"Maiyet is pioneering a new luxury by creating a fashion brand that celebrates rare artisanal skills from unexpected places.
Maiyet’s uniquely inspired, design driven collection seeks to elevate the next generation of master craftsmen from places such as Colombia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mongolia, and Peru. 
In addition to sourcing from these global artisans, Maiyet deploys customized training programs that allow its partners to create higher-quality, exceptional product and promote stability and prosperity in their communities."... Read More  from Maiyet

I'm so in love with this brand. Everything from the products to the soul behind it. I can't wait to see all the wonderful places this company will go. Follow along too at there website!

Oct 2, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013/14: CA

Fall/Winter 2013/14 for Chiffon Aérer is a little late but looking forward. Spring and summer up next- Big ideas {sketches will come this way}. Can't wait to shoot a few photos for a lookbook, which I am proud to announce we will be doing this weekend!

Have a great night,