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Etsy is an online marketplace where artisans from all over the world sell handmade goods and crafts. You can find anything from paper goods to clothing. Each week we're combing through the shopsto find the best of Etsy. This week we bring you stunning casual vases.

Vases are a simple way to add stunning touches to your home. And there's something truly special about a unique, handmade piece. Decorate your space with some of these gorgeous one-of-a-kind, casual vases from Etsy.

Distressed Mason jars

Rustic vasesRustic vases such as these distressed Mason jarsfrom Beach Blues Home Decor (also on Facebook) are a charming way to give your home a relaxed, welcoming vibe. Each jar is made to order, so you will always get something truly unique. And they come in a wide variety of colours, so you can pick the set that works best in your home. Pint-size jars are also available if you want something a little smaller. Add a pop of cool colour to your home with this beautiful set!

Sun and sky vases

Sun and sky vaseWhen you live in Canada, you're bound to have to deal with a fair amount of bad-weather days. But they'll seem a little bit brighter when you have thissun- and sky-inspired vase by Carriage Oak Cottage (also on Facebook) sitting in your kitchen, hallway or living room. The shop also offers vases with the same rock-solid cement and stucco surface but painted in a variety of other vibrant colours.

Light bulb hanging vases

Lightbulb hanging vaseThought vases have to sit on a table, shelf or countertop? Not these stunning hanging light bulb vases from Chiffon Aerer (also on Facebook). They're simple, fresh and chic. Hang them anywhere inside or outside your home for a relaxed yet elegant touch.

Wine bottle wall vases

Wine bottle wall vasesWould you like more floral accents but have run out of surface space? Not a problem with thesewine bottle wall vases from Great Bottles of Fire(also on Facebook). They'll add a beautiful pop of colour to that empty wall that's been bothering you. The look is also done with coke bottles if you want something a little more casual.

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