Dec 31, 2012

It is 2013.

Setting the tone for 2013. I'm spending the first few moments (And probably the next few until morning) of this year alone. And it is, wonderful. it may be the first time i've been alone in about two days. They're always there. I can now think back on a few things and then look forward, I think I might have just smiled to myself.

A picture from Call Me Cupcake on blogspot.

Dec 30, 2012


A few thoughts from my day-
  • My children are gonna wear capes
  • I should make a map.
  • I'm on a journey. you should come, or don't. you can if you want to. I don't really know.
  • Painting is a good idea
  • i'm feeling a little sad, now is a good time to create.
  • lets hit a note and see where it take us
  • It rained last night and i see puddles
  • i'm probably funnier in my head. huh.
  • I need a record player

A lot of life.

It has been a full month, to say the least. I started this month with a quick trip to Atlanta Giorgia. A really quick one.... Suuure. It was an over nighter that went downhill (In a good way) and it turned into a 16 day long "thing".  Starting in Atlanta then getting hijacked by a need to be gone a little longer , left for Athens with a group of.. a lot. Two nights at Nanna Dian's and fresh biscuits, then a great white bus to Knoxville Tennessee. I then stayed at this destination for a total of two weeks, it was.. enlightening. Lots of coffee and sib time.  Every time I leave a place I know something more about myself, my life, the things i want, my dreams, the things I'm passionate about, but also the things that aren't worth waisting my time on. That is why i need to travel from time to time- to stay sane. While in Knoxville i had the pleasure of experiencing Dollywod.. and it was an experience. Then from Knoxville i relocated to pigeon forge in the smoky mountains. in a cabin. with 20 other people. Though, I will not go over all of the details here, you can read more in this post. lets just say it was a lot. a lot of a lot of things. not to much or negative, but there was.... a lot. There is no other way of saying it. So, I then returned home after spending five days in the mountains, to a house with 6 extra people. who are all wonderful. The next week was Christmas, bringing more cheer. and children to the door step of our home. The holidays are a time for lots of interaction.  May you live to have many travels of your own, and get lost in a few beautiful places. The end. The land. The water. The salt. The sarcasm. you have heard it all. Till next time,

Love you bye

Dec 17, 2012


     Candles by Daughter-

One of my favorite.

Dec 12, 2012

The mountains of Tennessee Cabin: Day 2

I am currently sitting in a cabin in the smoky mountains of Tennessee - or more specifically: Pigeon Forge.
Its day two and there are 21 people in a 5 bedroom cabin in December... Surprising I don't feel to crowded. There is mild desperation and cabin fever going around. Almost everything sweet has been eaten but the cinnamon whiskey. 5 of those people are in fact children, who are all but one of them under the age of 6, you can interpret that in you head as you like. (Maybe a week of unforgettable memories, or week straight out of hell, you can decide.. If your wondering I'm still working on what i think myself, ill let you know in a short little while.)

This is only a glimpse. The hot tub is an upside for sure.