Dec 12, 2012

The mountains of Tennessee Cabin: Day 2

I am currently sitting in a cabin in the smoky mountains of Tennessee - or more specifically: Pigeon Forge.
Its day two and there are 21 people in a 5 bedroom cabin in December... Surprising I don't feel to crowded. There is mild desperation and cabin fever going around. Almost everything sweet has been eaten but the cinnamon whiskey. 5 of those people are in fact children, who are all but one of them under the age of 6, you can interpret that in you head as you like. (Maybe a week of unforgettable memories, or week straight out of hell, you can decide.. If your wondering I'm still working on what i think myself, ill let you know in a short little while.)

This is only a glimpse. The hot tub is an upside for sure. 

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