Nov 28, 2013


This year we will be participating in the black Friday sale.  Use the coupon code BLACKTIE to get 20% off entire purchase in the shop! (offer ends 11/30/13)

Nov 25, 2013


       This Thanksgiving the whole famdamily (plus some) are headed to a beach house for the next five days (I leave Wednesday), where I pretty much plan on eating, reading and hanging-out. There's a workout room in the house that I "plan" on occupying at some point. What ever happens with my work out scheduled, I  am going to mark one or two books off my reading list this trip.

      I'm taking plenty T-shirts and sweaters and probably too much denim. My  high tops, a pare of boots, some flats, sandals (a doubt  i'll use then considering the temperature, but just in case), and my Nikes.  Sweaters are a go for this trip. And of course sunglasses, even if it's cold, it's still the beach. 

I'm also bringing the grey scarf from the Wishlist. I was able to find one I liked (almost) equally the Acne Studios grey wool scarf. It's about time for this essential to step on in my life, also working on stocking up on simple Ts.  do you have a favorite style essential?
Have a great Holiday! 

 Trainers, Nike; High-tops, H&M; Boots, Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses, Betsy Johnson

Nov 24, 2013


      It's taken me forever, but Chiffon Aérer now has Bloglovin'! I have to say it's taken far too long and I'm loving being able to see an easy-to-read feed of all my favorite blogs.  (Let me know and I would love to view/follow your blog as well!)

Join me! 

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xx -A


  An update to the November lookbook,  featuring the lovely new black leather midi ring.

Nov 20, 2013



I am majorly failing at my goal of not thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving.  Here are the wants on my  wishlist this year:

H&M boyfriend jeans

The boyfriend jean pile is growing bigger. Been eyeing these one's for a little while. Who doesn't need more denim? I don't know.

H&M black bra
This lovely lace bra to combat all of the borrowing from the boys. I like large things. I'm sorry. 

I've fallen for this little necklace.

ACNE Canada Grey Melange

A basic that I don't currently have in the closet. I've been eyeing a few of my friends large grey scarves, needless to say.. It's time to receive.

Zara Structured Shirt

This shirt is literally borrowed from the boys. I found in Zara's menswear section, and.. I'm in love. The perfect pj print shirt.

Chanel bronze eye makeup

The Chanel Bronze Khaki Mascara intrigues me greatly. I think it would give a really easy clean fresh look. I have yet to try this wonder. 

Maison martin margiela perfume

Last but certainly not least. The Maison Martin Margiela Replica Beachwalk perfume has actually made it to the top of my list. And honestly.. I'm anxious to try all of the Replica collection.

(Photo stolen from Rag & Bone.)

Nov 19, 2013


    A lookbook of this months new items- preparing the shop for springs collection. Simple classic pieces this month, sleek and easy to wear. Honestly all of my favorite "go-to" pieces so far, it's hard for me not wear the bracelets and rings especially  (speaking of which, let me hint in on a few black leather midi rings coming soon to the shop upon request- This post will be updated after listing).


Nov 15, 2013


Did you get anything from Isabel Marant Pour H&M? It's the day after and everything is back, I went online to check it out yesterday around lunch and everything was already soldout! Were you able to check it out at your local store? Did you score online? Have you already worn the new pieces? Are they on your blog?.... 

I haven't.. Yet.

Nov 14, 2013


This is my first go in a long time at posting an outfit. All of these pictures feel so trivial. But, it's a start (better to come). I can't seen to shake the grey this season (Or most seasons for that matter). It actually feels like winter here, there were even snow flurries last night. In Wilmington. What.  This calls for a sweater.. and long sleeve! Put together with the navy trousers (Zara) and grey high-tops (H&M). My silver lining was my favorite dainty little bracelet (Chiffon Aérer). For  going out, I added my leather quilted bomber jacket, and over-sized knit scarf.  Casual, clean look.

Friday is almost here! I have a pile of books calling my name this weekend (again). 



Nov 13, 2013


     It's golden! The beginning of our new packaging. what you see here is some lovely blue embroidery thread that I will be using for several thing in the shop this month, also some gold metallic tissue paper, a transparent card with our logo (this will be going over random exquisite photos that I'm working on taking and getting printed.) , and last but not least some leather metallic beaded cuffs that I sent off this afternoon to their home on Washington (good luck to you). I'm excited to refine and edit our branding as the journey continues. Be expecting more on the design front.

     Ever heard of B L O O D A N D C H A M P A G N E? This lovely interior blog has been my inspiration this week. I could scroll for hours. I do scroll for hours. Enjoy. (Take a snack).



Nov 11, 2013


     For those of you who missed out on last months playlist, here's what's going on: "This is a little something I like to call the “Monthly playlist”.. I usually go through music incredibly quickly (Unless its an artist I just can’t shake, everyone has to have their staples), and I have people constantly asking what I listen to. So, why not make a playlist each month and share? From here on out there will be one of these posts each month at some point or another, with some fresh tunes for you. Feel free to follow along on my Spotify account as well." This playlist will be growing throughout the month, so subscribe or check back to get all the fresh tunes."

What we have this month, so far:
Lorde- The teenage pop star. (I have to say.. Not always my forte, but I love her voice on that song)
Flume- The Australian wonder. (Ft. T-Shirt?)
Rhye- The indie duo. I really don't mind there album "Woman" this month.
London Grammar- They might be on the next few playlists aswell. Get used to it.
Phoria- I'm anxiously awaiting more from this five piece band.
Dido- The washed up girl from the 80's
Daughter- Very indie.



If I had any choice of sweater this would blow over the top of any list. I don't even want to talk about the bag.

Pullover :: Bag 

Nov 9, 2013



       It is, in fact, all i could hope for! Granted if you're like me, or anyone else for that matter, you're wondering "what the heck is that?".  But then again, a lot of you may have heard of, or got  your hands on The Pink Egg, you may have also heard of it in my previous post.  I swear it makes your makeup look photo-shopped. No one likes the stripy brushstrokes, this little guy completely eliminates that and gives an amazing look to foundations, blushes, and pretty mush anything... I've been tempted to use it for cream eye-shadows.

      The only down side I've seen yet is that they get dirty pretty fast, even with washing them after every use. So buying them will have to happen pretty consistently, probably around every four months or so.

Nov 8, 2013


      A fresh face to add to my wall. Late last night I decided to do a little painting (for the first time in forever), it was a big deal. I had so much fun, I might go for round two.. Gotta fill up those walls somehow.  This months mood-board is due for a makeover.  

      What makes your art come alive? What makes you feel like in your time your words are spun of gold and eyes are made of fire? What is it that (if you can even put your finger on it) makes your creativity so vivid before you? And most of all what is that keeps it from running to the woods at the slightest glance?
If it there was anything I could ask you right now, this is what it would be. 


Nov 7, 2013


      Logic may mean a lot of things for you, such as: reason, sound judgment, a science maybe. The last three days its meant nothing but a click and me. To those of you who have encountered this devil, will know it's you best friend and worst enemy. It makes things beautiful, but you continue to hear it until the moment you fall into a disturbed sleep. Best of luck to all of you who are musically inclined and trying to pursue a life in the recording studio, may you find peace in your moments of sleep. Hat's off.

     Happy one week anniversary November. I'm trying not to think about how close  Christmas really is.. I always try to make a pact not to think about it before Thanksgiving. In doing so, I ordered a pumpkin spice latte instead of a peppermint mocha tonight, just to fight it.  xx



Nov 4, 2013


Hello November. This month is full of living the dream. Weekends with hours of sitting in the roof, music, thought provoking reads, and jokes only I get. Doing my thing. It's a lot more than that, but one can hope for Art in a simple life structure. It itself is an art. Tell me if you've mastered it and i'll present you with a golden prize.  Have an amazing month (I'm talking to you).