Nov 29, 2012

In The Morning.

A favorite thing to watch in the morning.

Nov 27, 2012

Christmas Things.

Here is a wonderful way to get you in the christmas mood and make your house smell amazing! A little something I did over the weekend. Something my mother tought me and I will never forget. Whole Clove, fresh orange, and a pretty pattern! Just push the ends into the orange in the pattern that you desire and it turns into something wonderful..

So fresh and wonderful smelling.

My first go at it this year.. And I dare say not my last.

Enjoy! And may your house smell of christmas things!


Nov 14, 2012

Winter :: S h o p

There have been many happenings through the begin of this week, the urge to blog more being on of them. ;) But another being i have been working on getting all of my Christmas and winter items out in my shop! Here's a little blink in to waths been coming and has come!
My new favorite scarf! So comfy and the perfict addition to any outfit!!

Knit Neck Scarf - Chiffon Aérer

These are so amazing!!! My new favorite comfy!!

Sigh. 100% Wool Felt Slipers - Chiffon Aérer
LOOOOVED making these!

The next piece to the matching set! Chevron Leather Necklace - Chiffon Aérer

Nov 13, 2012

.....And the world really is round.

Do you ever feel like your just trapped in a really small powder blue room (I say that specifically because its my least favorite paint color.) and you almost feel as though it's just not right dream in this place?  and  you can't get out. You think that if only you could paint the walls white, it just  might change. you have lots of "encouragement" but they tell you "somethings are better left alone".... Sometimes I have these days. When I wish I could return to believing that life is like all of the fairy tales you hope it was and truly sometimes it is. But no, not this day. you start missing all of the people you hold dearest that aren't around you, and the life that flows through you when your with them. And at this point the only thing that can turn things I feel around is  some Jesus and music. slowly I regain my view of this wonderful life and realize that i am not the only one alive. See the rain dripping off the trees and how I really could where my rain boots today, the world really is round, and well.... There's coffee in the kitchen. and slowly I turn on Norah Jones and I star to feel alive again. it was just one of those days. But don't leave this post feel to bad because in the end i felt pretty darn good, so take this as encouragement in believing no mater how you feel you can start to feel even better. The End.


Hello my dear friend, you've been greatly missed.

For the Home Sunday. (as in yesterday)

Yes. after reading this post title you may be thinking.. "but its Monday." And rightly so, that title is very deceiving, for it is Monday as you though. But, I hold the argument that it was supposed be posted yesterday because, well, it was Sunday.  anyways, moving on, that really doesn't have all that much to do with this post. :)

Here are a few of my top favorite wallpapers for the home:

Nov 12, 2012

In light of the Holidays (and not my last post)

In light of the holidays and NOT my last blog post. ;) Here is a small Christmas something to get you thinking about what you want to day for the holidays this year. I few find that well i couldn't help but post. Enjoy!
DIY by Obessa May Society

An easy DIY for the holidays!


Another lovely wrapping DIY by Obessa May Society

Beautiful and simple Christmas paper star DIY by Home by Linn

An easy and whimsical Christmas terrarium

Nov 6, 2012


A few pictures fro ma little photo shoot the other day.  Enjoy!



Nov 3, 2012

A wide Awakening (this morning)

                   I woke up today to find the rest of the world moving on to Christmas..

                                                                (Let this soak in)

 That soak may have proved or completely ruined my point. This awakening would not be a completely bad thing if, well..  it was anywhere close to Christmas. I for one would like to enjoy the fact that Thanksgiving is  still on its way and that fall is not over just yet. I may have a bias opinion considering fall is my favorite season, but hey. although I must say that starbucks' Christmas cups always strike a like cord, but I'll be honest I'm not ready for it. None of this is to say that I'm not excited about Christmas. Thank you for reading my maybe pointless but none the less opinion with you. The End.

yours sincerely, truly and all of the above,