Nov 3, 2012

A wide Awakening (this morning)

                   I woke up today to find the rest of the world moving on to Christmas..

                                                                (Let this soak in)

 That soak may have proved or completely ruined my point. This awakening would not be a completely bad thing if, well..  it was anywhere close to Christmas. I for one would like to enjoy the fact that Thanksgiving is  still on its way and that fall is not over just yet. I may have a bias opinion considering fall is my favorite season, but hey. although I must say that starbucks' Christmas cups always strike a like cord, but I'll be honest I'm not ready for it. None of this is to say that I'm not excited about Christmas. Thank you for reading my maybe pointless but none the less opinion with you. The End.

yours sincerely, truly and all of the above,


  1. I hear ya, though fall is my favorite season I was feeling very sad today when I though about summer being over, no more shorts. :(