Dec 17, 2013

Dec 14, 2013



     In the thick of shopping? Here are a few ideas for her. The infamous notebook. A drawstring tote? yes, a draw string tote. Trust me. Zodiac Pendant necklace: I'm in love with this. I haven't been able to find the right pendant necklace that I actually liked for a decent price. This is it.  Gold and white leather headphone? Sure. (Also here (ASOS), if you don't feel like flinging 200 out the window on a trend. Even if it's a cool one). And MAC Lustre Drops, Illuminator anyone? Easy highlight to add extra glow to your daily routine. And of course the marble effect Balenciaga pump, not to much to say (too speechless) other than I seem to fit an Alexander Wang or Balenciaga product in every time. My apologies.

Thanks guys,


      Remember this? Chanel's S/S 2014 collection makeup. Well, I love it and I never got to tell you. I'm in love with the contrast of the eye makeup and light colored clothes coming down the Chanel runway. I'm usually one for a natural look or something a little more subtle. But, surprisingly it worked so well and the colors where so precise.    
       What did you think? Where you shocked, bewildered, struck with starry eyes?  Do you think designers are sometimes stuck in their ways when it comes to their nude pallet on the catwalk? No? What was your ideal makeup look this season?

Dec 8, 2013


      Listen... I know Christmas is only two weeks off  and there is nothing even slightly Christmas like on this months playlist. But... I just couldn't do it this year. I haven't listen to any  Christmas music this month. To be honest, I haven't wanted to. I would much rather just listen to some oldies. Not that there are really any oldies on this playlist either (I'm thinking about doing a second playlist for that reason).

   So here is my joy-less playlist. It's good though (If might say so). A few of my favorite artists but also a few new ones. 

(p.s It's growing so keep listening)
1.                                                                                                             2.

1. Jacob Banks 2013 Single "Worthy"- One of my personal favorites this month. 
 2. Dido's new single on her Greatest Hits album- released last week. A long time favorite artist. (Great song to dance to, if you were wondering. especially if you're alone. In your room. At nigh )

We've got a few others.. The Passengers (which, by the way, I never thought I would like any of their stuff. But the lyrics on that song get me every time.), James Vincent Mcmorrow (He has been in the last two. Crap), Birdy (listen. Mock me. I love her. In honor of Catching Fire I had to bring back the number she did for the first hunger games), Sanders Bohlke ( I had never heard them till I stumbled upon them in my cousins playlist), and more to come.


Dec 7, 2013


     It's post Thanksgiving and I'm free to let my mouth run on about Christmas. That being said, we got our Christmas tree today (Which is some kind of record;  we never get it till about two days before Christmas).  Clad in shorts and a tee in December to buy a Christmas tree..What.

      This lovely wool fringed scarf has made its way in to my uniform. This little guy is from the wishlist (Remember that, from way back in November?) and apart of my closet essentials. New best friends. 

Scarf, Zara (Men's section)x


Dec 6, 2013


Palette 01: Black & White

Nike Trainer, Nordstroms x Boscia Black Mask, Sephora  x Mansur Gavriel Shopper, Net-A-Porter  x Acne Acid Tee, Ekseption 

Palette 01: Back & White- Gift ideas for this holiday season. 

Enjoy and have a great holiday! 

Dec 2, 2013


      urban outfitters, jumpsuit x zara, top
     It's post Thanksgiving and Christmas is now just around the corner! I'm excited for more lovely holiday festivities. I feel like I've had a bit to think about this month, surrounding pretty much area of life.  This being my last year of high school for me (with a few classes in the summer)  it has (of course) set a few things in motion. Even though  I feel like i'm studying point-less information just to past till the next test, it is important that for the next six months I  "batten down the hatches"- Because the tests that actually count for something are coming in fast.  I'm also making a point to keep sketching daily to build a portfolio.  Also on the design front, I'm looking into interning next year- hopefully in either LA or New York.  Intern queens- Any advice?  
The  outfit above a simple layered look that has been a go-to this month. Black jumpsuit, white T, and light top.