Dec 2, 2013


      urban outfitters, jumpsuit x zara, top
     It's post Thanksgiving and Christmas is now just around the corner! I'm excited for more lovely holiday festivities. I feel like I've had a bit to think about this month, surrounding pretty much area of life.  This being my last year of high school for me (with a few classes in the summer)  it has (of course) set a few things in motion. Even though  I feel like i'm studying point-less information just to past till the next test, it is important that for the next six months I  "batten down the hatches"- Because the tests that actually count for something are coming in fast.  I'm also making a point to keep sketching daily to build a portfolio.  Also on the design front, I'm looking into interning next year- hopefully in either LA or New York.  Intern queens- Any advice?  
The  outfit above a simple layered look that has been a go-to this month. Black jumpsuit, white T, and light top.  


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