Jun 30, 2012

DIY Garden: Hanging Kokedama Plant

DIY Garden: Hanging Kokedama Plant

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Are you guys familiar with the awesome Japanese gardening
 technique known as kokedama? These hanging string gardens
 have been catching my eye more and more lately, so I knew it 
was time to make my own.
I met up with Tim Mountz, Nursery Manager – A.K. Horticultural Ninja – 

at Terrain, to find out how it’s done. Turns out it’s super easy to make these 
guys – and so much fun! I have a feeling it may be raining kokedama
gardens in my apartment by the end of the week.
What you need:
DIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, What You Need
Plant of your choiceWe used a succulent because they require very
 little maintenance – and they look gorgeous! I love the little yellow flowers on this one.
Sheet mossSheet moss comes in lots of different
shapes and sizes. Just make sure you have enough to
completely cover the soil beneath your plant. Soak the moss in water and drain before using.
StringWe used white string, but you could use any kind as long
as it’s strong enough to hold up the entire plant. I would love
 this with a brown twine for an earthy feel, or a bright yellow to match the flowers!
What you do:
DIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, Step 1aDIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, Step 1b
Step 1: Remove your plant from its container (or from your garden)
 leaving enough soil to completely cover its roots. Use your thumbs to
pat down the soil, forming a sphere. Add more soil if you wish – this will
create a better growing area for the roots.
DIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, Step 2aDIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, Step 2b
Step 2: Place your ball of soil directly in the center of the sheet moss,
with moss-side facing down. Wrap the base of your plant completely,
pressing thumbs down gently to make sure it stays together.
DIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, Step 3aDIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, Step 3bDIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, Step 3c
Step 3: Grab the end of your string and wrap away! You can wrap your string
 in any pattern or design you like – or with none in mind at all! It’s cool to see
 the different string patterns that emerge when you’re not even trying. Just
be sure that the moss is adequately covered – the string is what helps keep
the ball shape, and it will support the plant once it’s hanging.
DIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, Step 4aDIY Garden: Kokedama Hanging Plant, Step 4b
Step 4: When you’re finished wrapping the string around your moss,
 tie a strong knot. You may want to double or triple knot it, just to be sure
 it holds.
DIY Garden: Hanging Kokedama Plant
Step 5: Hang and enjoy! You can truly have a kokedama hanging
garden anywhere you like, as long as it’s in an ideal living environment
 for the plant you choose. This plant will make a huge statement on its own,
 and an even bigger one in a cluster with others! You can experiment with
different string lengths, sphere sizes, and types of plant to create the
kokedama garden of your dreams.
Watering your plant:
Watering Kokedama Plant 1
Step 1: dunk the base (moss end) into a bucket of water and watch for
 bubbles. When you no longer see bubbles, your plant is fully watered.
Watering Kokedama Plant 2
Step 2: Remove the base from the bucket  and give it a little squeeze
to remove excess water. If your plant hangs indoors, you may want to
hang in outside in the sun or over a sink directly after watering, until your
plant has completely finished draining.
Some plants will stay hydrated for up to a week – it all depends on the type
and size of the plant. When your plant is ready to be watered, it will feel very
 light in weight, so always check its weight before watering!
Taken from the Free People blog! I thought it was so cool and just had to
 share! :)

Jun 29, 2012

Looking Through A new Lens

Looking through a new lens is something each of use should do from time to time, seeing the world in other colors is enlightening and wonderful! Even just changing a few thoughts here and there can make the world of difference. Today I 'm going to do exactly that! Join me?

Jun 23, 2012

Lets Get Moving

As i may have mentioned before i'm moving to another house at the end of august and will be able to create a studio and start a whole new Bedroom! Oh yeaaa! I will be sad to move from where I am, only because it's across the street from the beach. But here are a few ideas i have for my room and STUDIO!!!


I love the idea of the Pallets as the bed stand!, and the painted floors.. Oh.. MY.. Sadly i will have carpet, but one day that will have to go, so, for the future we shall save the floors.. And the over all color scheme i love!

 I love all of the grey colors!!

Oh man... I Defiantly need one of these, for sureee!!


I can't wait to work on this! The room wont be very big, hopefully we are gonna design it in an L-shape, then maybe add on to it more later!  A work space up against the window, love! 

Oh the organization, so inspiring.. so is the window.. There is definitely  going to be lots of natural light.

These floors.. Yes please! I will be able to paint the floors white in the studio, can't wait! I might also try and do something with a latter.. Maybe, if i can.. ;)

Lets be honest, this is just a need.

Frames? Uhuh.

I'll post pictures when we begin and finish as well.. Thanks for reading, The Artist.

In With The New

I have so many new items in my shop and coming in so very soon! Ahhh.. So exciting! Here are a few sneak peaks of what are posted and are product sections awaiting to be extended with creativity!

Drip Painted Clay pots- Listing

 The Mini Dip Painted Clay Pots come in a set of two!Keep an eye out for different sizes and colors!!

Drip painted Clay post- Listing

 Just one more picture.. ;)

The mug is also a new product, I going to start doing custom ones in my shop! So, keep any out for somee custom listings coming soon! and bigger sized striped cups.. :)
Handmade, Striped mug! - Listing

The Aloe Wine Cork Planter isn't all that new but i have newss!! I am now shipping it with in the states! Yay!  With the Aloe plant.. ;) It now also comes with the option of a magnet, great for sticking to the fridge! They are also now available in sets of two and four!


Aloe Wine Cork Planter- Listing

Thanks for reading,
                                The Artist

Jun 21, 2012

A Spoon Full of Thyme

Spoons have so many uses! This one is decoupaged and dipped in paint.. and his occupation is a label for my plants! So wonderful.


What my day looked like... A purely wonderful discovery!  While watching Pride And Prejudice I Fell in to to the Trap of making Sharpie mugs.. Oh. My. It is addicting and super easy, two deadly combinations.
 How To- Just grab the mug of your choice a sharpie and start drawing! You can put quotes, drawings, patters, etc.. Once you are done bake in the oven at 350 for 30 mins! Be sure to HAND WASH only! The  dishwasher  sadly will remove the sharpie but it should hold up well with a gentle hand wash, Be sure to use everyday with love and care. Also, make sure it's cool before using! Enjoy!


What I wish I had in my studio to come..

Jun 2, 2012

V i n t a g e // Kitchen

New Vintage Item, and section in my shop!! :) Check it out!! - Click Here

Sneak peek ;)