Mar 20, 2014

MARCH 20 2014

It's the the 20th of March (the first day of spring if you where wondering). It's time to pair down the layers and add some color. Maybe even a print If I'm feeling crazy, and I am. Spring break is just around the corner and the end of the school year around the next.

Mar 8, 2014



Adidas Originals
I tried these on today. Suuuuper comfy and I love them. perfect for running around this spring/summer.

I'm in desperate need of some shades, I have zero. I opted for the cheaper ones, but these would be good too (or these)...

On Top 
Basic strapless tops to layer over the light weight long-sleeve T, or to be worn to the beach.

I'm trying to find things that I need for everyday but would also be super handy for interning/travel, this happens to be one of them. Also, if you don't want to drop a cool grand on a Gavenchy bag (It would definatly be one of those "buying the brand" moments....*sigh* should have got the car dude), this or this will more than work.. Although it is a damn good looking tote.

Buckled Sandals
Uhh.. Someone else has taken control of my body. I never thought the day would come.... But I love the whats going on with Zara's leather sandals. (I still wont wear these with socks)

I've posted this before, but this time you don't have to buy it off the black market. Sephora now carries it, yay! (also, Maison Martin Matgiela wins me over every time. One of my biggest design influences)



*Heels in hand with ballet flats halfway on, your coat happened to make onto one arm. The bag you've been carrying everything imaginable in, back and forth from the office. Working late hours for the fourth day in a row. You have no time to brush the hair out of your face that has fallen from the tight knot resting on your head (the one you barely had time to do this morning, before you went rushing out the door, mascara in hand), as you dash down the block to the nearest Startbucks to get coffee for your boss. * 

      Though I have never interned in the fashion industry, this is the mental picture I have of myself when I do indeed find an internship. Some of it may be derived from the infamous The Devil Wears Prada or stories from friends.. I'm not completely sure.

  1. Finish school x 3 short months till it's over. I could cry.
  2. Job x there's not a lot to say about this. 
  3. Intern, intern intern x for many reasons (one being getting a foot in the door early) I would like to intern BEFORE design school. 
  4. Fashion school x The golden years straight out of hell. (Also, am I crazy to be applying to schools in London (and really want to get accepted)? I don't really think so, but I'm waiting for someone to.)
(p.s here are a few helpful sites to find what your looking for in the internship world)

Mar 7, 2014



Top 4 beauty moments from fashion week. 

1. let me just say, I'm all for the wet hair look. I'm still unsure why, except for I love it and it would make my morning routine a heck of a lot shorter. Phillip Lim's (picture below) natural, "I woke up looking this good", look blew the subtle category out of the water (lets be honest, its badass). I enjoyed Marni's (above) as well and with a few adjustments I would rock it hard. I'm just still toying with the question: Reality or runway? you decide. 
Phillip Lim

2. Maiyet's grey glossy metallics above the eyes was strangely refreshing and light feeling. Not to mention the sweet under liner. 


3. Valentino never ceases to amaze me- enchanting the wold a step  leap show at a time.  I was done with the pony tail... they just had to go re-invent it. YES for spring.  *note to self: stock up on hair ties*


4. CARVEN, Carven, Carven. Those glossy eyebrow. yaass. something I've already been doing on a smaller scale. It's time to take it up a notch.


Share your favorite beauty moments this fashion week!
Photo cred:
Marni & Valentino-  Phillip Lim- Garance Doré Maiyet- AfterDRK Carven- WWD

Mar 3, 2014


So it begins again. March is here. With Paris fashion week afoot, take this treasure with you into the battle field. Take pictures for me. Love you,


On Your Marks: Sam Rollinson By Alasdair Mclellan For Uk Vogue March 2014

                                                           model: sam rollinson (select)
              photographer: alasdair mclellan (artpartne
stylist: kate phelan
hair: anthony turner (artpartner)
make-up: lucia pica (artpartner)

Mar 2, 2014


    I become troubled and confused when I think of ripping a page out of a magazine to display my favorite editorial loosely taped to a wall. To solve my problem I've resorted to applying the same technique to my magazine display as to my art. Industrial clips. solved.

(Happy March)