Mar 8, 2014



*Heels in hand with ballet flats halfway on, your coat happened to make onto one arm. The bag you've been carrying everything imaginable in, back and forth from the office. Working late hours for the fourth day in a row. You have no time to brush the hair out of your face that has fallen from the tight knot resting on your head (the one you barely had time to do this morning, before you went rushing out the door, mascara in hand), as you dash down the block to the nearest Startbucks to get coffee for your boss. * 

      Though I have never interned in the fashion industry, this is the mental picture I have of myself when I do indeed find an internship. Some of it may be derived from the infamous The Devil Wears Prada or stories from friends.. I'm not completely sure.

  1. Finish school x 3 short months till it's over. I could cry.
  2. Job x there's not a lot to say about this. 
  3. Intern, intern intern x for many reasons (one being getting a foot in the door early) I would like to intern BEFORE design school. 
  4. Fashion school x The golden years straight out of hell. (Also, am I crazy to be applying to schools in London (and really want to get accepted)? I don't really think so, but I'm waiting for someone to.)
(p.s here are a few helpful sites to find what your looking for in the internship world)

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