Aug 24, 2012


Well.. I did say I wouldn't be good at this before didn't I? It been weeks since my last update! Sigh.
There has been a fare amount of stuff going on so i guess i'll just use that as an excuse. ;)
Last Thursday I got back from a month long trip to Springfield IL/Knoxville TN. For many reasons mainly just for a vacation, whatever that means! So far the only regret of that has been that I didn't have my camera while I was there... So there are very few pictures.

I ordered a stamp with Chiffon Aérer's  new logo on it! Yay! Sooooo Excited! about the stamps and the new logo! I got it from a little shop called Clancy's Stamps, and it is THE cutest little shop owned by THE cutest people who could be some of the sweetest people on earth, and have owned the place for several generations.  I also successfully sent out four order of the Wine cork Planters with thee succulents and they all got to their destination alive! Which means i can continue selling them! Yay! I when to hobby lobby in Knoxville.. (We don't have one here) And it revolutionized my world. 

I also got invited to a Vintage Flea.. I am very excited and hope to be able to do it, and get ready in time! I also may be thinking about opening a side shop.. (ahhhhh) I know it's crazy but i think i can do it! I would be able to work along side somebody and between now and then i think i could build up enough of an inventory to have our grand opening at the vintage flea. Hmmm.. The name is yet concealed. ;)

I also ( you will be appalled when you hear this) had my first cappuccino!!!!! Whyyyy had I never had one?!!!!!!  It's like someone wasn't telling me something really important ALLL my life!
I have been continually reminded of how much i love the rain the last few days. 

I got new rain boots!!! ahhh!! So excited, and better still I've been able to wear them the last few days! Fall feels so close! Even more exciting! Here I come tight, long coats, red lips, lattes, rain boots, scarves, sweater,  and leg warmers! all at once. I am (This should come as a surprise) in the middle of moving.. again. Just to another house though, nothing to big. ;)  I've also successfully re-painted my dress and i'm in the process of looking for some nobs.. this is gonna be fun! I will for sure be posting pictures when its done, also looking into painting my new room grey!! Lets just say... I would paint an entire house grey if I could. 

Looking forward to getting back in to horseback riding this fall. It will be so much better with cool weather!!

I do believe I have come to the end of my train of thought, for now. Thanks for reading!