May 5, 2014

EDITORIAL OF THE WEEK: Gilt Trip: Edie Campbell By Tim Walker For W May 2014

 Kind of obsessed with this editorial. But hey I'll let you decide.. Have fun. xx

Apr 19, 2014


As a little side note I will be attending Cornish this summer---

"Dear Alyssa,

We thank you for submitting your application to Summer at Cornish’s Pre-College Program for scholarship consideration. Through our scholarships, Cornish aims to make courses available to youth that might not otherwise be able to participate in this unique experience. Our Summer Scholarship Committee received and reviewed over 100 complete applications from talented and qualified individuals. Given the difficult task of dividing funds among so many strong applicants, we tailored our criteria focusing in particular on financial need, academic record, teacher recommendations, and the quality of the work submitted, where applicable.

We are very pleased to offer you scholarship assistance.

Thank you very much for your interest in Summer at Cornish and congratulations on this well-deserved scholarship award - we look forward to seeing you this summer!"

Apr 9, 2014


"When superfluous design elements are eliminated from a garment, more subtle considerations- Proportion, line, fit- are magnified. This calls for refined understanding of anatomy (e.g., how the neckline sits in relation to the clavicle), geometry, balance, balance, positive and negative space, and the harmony of parts to whole." - Alfredo Cabrera (101 Things I learned in Fashion School)
       This is painfully true. Simplicity, is a hard achievement in any art form. We tend to get the better of our selves and want to show off. I do anyways -"ohh, but look at what I can do."- When in reality, stating the truest thing about our thoughts, designs, ect., is what's going to blow the other guy out of the water. Restraint, is the forgotten goddess I speak of.

(This is an odd post considering I'm trying not to be so sartorial this season. Hello, color.... It's just so hard to let go. Regarding color my new thing is prints with pineapples included)




Apr 4, 2014


       Looking over the 90's Kate Moss Calvin Klein ad campaigns. Ms. Moss will always be my favorite. especially the 90's Kate.

     This post may also have something to do with my excitement over her collection for Topshop that will be available at the end of the month!! She is BACK.

      It's been seven years since her last collection, and I'm personally counting on this being better than ever. 

*more on this later


Apr 3, 2014



      A little taste from last weekends design experiment.. (I'm wearing it right now.. right this very moment. In the real wold...At startbucks, that's not really the real wold- It's just a dreamland made up of vanilla latte powder [which I've never actually tried.] #wildgusechace)  But seriously... This little jersey pieces is inspired by a mock of the double breasted men's jacket* (you know of what I speak- the 50's businessman feel- there would be pinstripe if I had the material).

   I'm getting super pumped about this summer! I can't tell if it's because I'll have made it through high school or because the strange ideals we all have about the hottest months of the year. Yeah.. Not sure.

      Swimming, icecream, barefeet, chill tunes, sunshine,  new york.. Wait, new york? No? Not you?  It COULD fit in there.

 * It's ironic that even the things I create for summer are still inspired by men's outerwear.

**If you're ADD you will probably notice the tack in the top picture (sloppy). Don't look now.