Apr 9, 2014


"When superfluous design elements are eliminated from a garment, more subtle considerations- Proportion, line, fit- are magnified. This calls for refined understanding of anatomy (e.g., how the neckline sits in relation to the clavicle), geometry, balance, balance, positive and negative space, and the harmony of parts to whole." - Alfredo Cabrera (101 Things I learned in Fashion School)
       This is painfully true. Simplicity, is a hard achievement in any art form. We tend to get the better of our selves and want to show off. I do anyways -"ohh, but look at what I can do."- When in reality, stating the truest thing about our thoughts, designs, ect., is what's going to blow the other guy out of the water. Restraint, is the forgotten goddess I speak of.

(This is an odd post considering I'm trying not to be so sartorial this season. Hello, color.... It's just so hard to let go. Regarding color my new thing is prints with pineapples included)




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