Jan 7, 2014


      (At first I thought this felt like a late happy new year) It's only the seventh, so pace yourselves guys. We're only a week deep. As some of you may have noticed (from my lack of posts on the topic or maybe my oddly pessimistic tweets from new years eve. Actually, also on tumblr.. wow.)  I'm not much of a new years resolution person. But strangely, new years eve is my favorite celebration.

     I love looking back over the year. I don't know that I outwardly have much to show for it, but the past six months of last year were probably the most impact full, and productive in every area. I can't wait to see what I will be taking on this new year. There is something enchanting about feeling as though you're staring into a blank canvas.

( Random interjection: our definition of time sometimes makes me grin)

More than anything I want this year to a be a year that is deeply felt. 

      Those of you who are back to school, work, or what ever it is that you might do... I hope you have had the proper amount of time to recover and hit the ground running. I like to think many of you got to read new (and old) books, drink your weight in tea, and eat all the fruit you can handle, while swaddled in cashmere. If you haven't done this, I suggest clearing your weekend. You could still be toxic with the holiday.