Apr 3, 2014


      A little taste from last weekends design experiment.. (I'm wearing it right now.. right this very moment. In the real wold...At startbucks, that's not really the real wold- It's just a dreamland made up of vanilla latte powder [which I've never actually tried.] #wildgusechace)  But seriously... This little jersey pieces is inspired by a mock of the double breasted men's jacket* (you know of what I speak- the 50's businessman feel- there would be pinstripe if I had the material).

   I'm getting super pumped about this summer! I can't tell if it's because I'll have made it through high school or because the strange ideals we all have about the hottest months of the year. Yeah.. Not sure.

      Swimming, icecream, barefeet, chill tunes, sunshine,  new york.. Wait, new york? No? Not you?  It COULD fit in there.

 * It's ironic that even the things I create for summer are still inspired by men's outerwear.

**If you're ADD you will probably notice the tack in the top picture (sloppy). Don't look now.

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