Mar 8, 2014



Adidas Originals
I tried these on today. Suuuuper comfy and I love them. perfect for running around this spring/summer.

I'm in desperate need of some shades, I have zero. I opted for the cheaper ones, but these would be good too (or these)...

On Top 
Basic strapless tops to layer over the light weight long-sleeve T, or to be worn to the beach.

I'm trying to find things that I need for everyday but would also be super handy for interning/travel, this happens to be one of them. Also, if you don't want to drop a cool grand on a Gavenchy bag (It would definatly be one of those "buying the brand" moments....*sigh* should have got the car dude), this or this will more than work.. Although it is a damn good looking tote.

Buckled Sandals
Uhh.. Someone else has taken control of my body. I never thought the day would come.... But I love the whats going on with Zara's leather sandals. (I still wont wear these with socks)

I've posted this before, but this time you don't have to buy it off the black market. Sephora now carries it, yay! (also, Maison Martin Matgiela wins me over every time. One of my biggest design influences)

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