Jun 23, 2012

In With The New

I have so many new items in my shop and coming in so very soon! Ahhh.. So exciting! Here are a few sneak peaks of what are posted and are product sections awaiting to be extended with creativity!

Drip Painted Clay pots- Listing

 The Mini Dip Painted Clay Pots come in a set of two!Keep an eye out for different sizes and colors!!

Drip painted Clay post- Listing

 Just one more picture.. ;)

The mug is also a new product, I going to start doing custom ones in my shop! So, keep any out for somee custom listings coming soon! and bigger sized striped cups.. :)
Handmade, Striped mug! - Listing

The Aloe Wine Cork Planter isn't all that new but i have newss!! I am now shipping it with in the states! Yay!  With the Aloe plant.. ;) It now also comes with the option of a magnet, great for sticking to the fridge! They are also now available in sets of two and four!


Aloe Wine Cork Planter- Listing

Thanks for reading,
                                The Artist

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