Nov 11, 2013


     For those of you who missed out on last months playlist, here's what's going on: "This is a little something I like to call the “Monthly playlist”.. I usually go through music incredibly quickly (Unless its an artist I just can’t shake, everyone has to have their staples), and I have people constantly asking what I listen to. So, why not make a playlist each month and share? From here on out there will be one of these posts each month at some point or another, with some fresh tunes for you. Feel free to follow along on my Spotify account as well." This playlist will be growing throughout the month, so subscribe or check back to get all the fresh tunes."

What we have this month, so far:
Lorde- The teenage pop star. (I have to say.. Not always my forte, but I love her voice on that song)
Flume- The Australian wonder. (Ft. T-Shirt?)
Rhye- The indie duo. I really don't mind there album "Woman" this month.
London Grammar- They might be on the next few playlists aswell. Get used to it.
Phoria- I'm anxiously awaiting more from this five piece band.
Dido- The washed up girl from the 80's
Daughter- Very indie.


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