Dec 30, 2012

A lot of life.

It has been a full month, to say the least. I started this month with a quick trip to Atlanta Giorgia. A really quick one.... Suuure. It was an over nighter that went downhill (In a good way) and it turned into a 16 day long "thing".  Starting in Atlanta then getting hijacked by a need to be gone a little longer , left for Athens with a group of.. a lot. Two nights at Nanna Dian's and fresh biscuits, then a great white bus to Knoxville Tennessee. I then stayed at this destination for a total of two weeks, it was.. enlightening. Lots of coffee and sib time.  Every time I leave a place I know something more about myself, my life, the things i want, my dreams, the things I'm passionate about, but also the things that aren't worth waisting my time on. That is why i need to travel from time to time- to stay sane. While in Knoxville i had the pleasure of experiencing Dollywod.. and it was an experience. Then from Knoxville i relocated to pigeon forge in the smoky mountains. in a cabin. with 20 other people. Though, I will not go over all of the details here, you can read more in this post. lets just say it was a lot. a lot of a lot of things. not to much or negative, but there was.... a lot. There is no other way of saying it. So, I then returned home after spending five days in the mountains, to a house with 6 extra people. who are all wonderful. The next week was Christmas, bringing more cheer. and children to the door step of our home. The holidays are a time for lots of interaction.  May you live to have many travels of your own, and get lost in a few beautiful places. The end. The land. The water. The salt. The sarcasm. you have heard it all. Till next time,

Love you bye

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