Sep 15, 2012

:: Coming Fall Rush ::

So many new and wonderful things! I hardly know what to do with my self! Fall is comig!! My brain is fulll of new ideas for products and logos and so many other things for Chiffon Aerer.

 I just got back from getting a new Mole Skin for my inspiration, I cam up with three new products yesterday and have been working on some different logos to go along with  the newest one! By the way is here!! And has been officially released (Though you may have seen it on some of your orders)! eeek!!! It so exciting, i got the stamps in the mail yesterday. They only add to my love of stamps!

                              IT'S FINALLY HERE!

  I was going to get my running shoes today but I still couldn't decide exactly what i wanted, I know that i want Nike for sure but now picking a color is far to hard. is it worth paying $80.00 on a pair of running shoes? I don't know. and i'm not sure, that might be part of the reason I've had such a hard time deciding!!

  I also When to Michael's and got some supplies to finish up my products and I am happy to say that they will all be officially released this Monday!! yayyy!! 

Sneak peak, 'Off the Chain" leather diamond necklace!

My inspiration for more logos. :)

 I have one last announcement- and that is that i have finally decided that my favorite color is.. Orange.


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