Oct 6, 2013


Hello my dearest friend October (A few days late)! Fall is almost here and it's time to start layering, why not include a backpack? This one definitely lightens the mood of most outfits, which is good for my tendencies toward a dark color pallet. Also, did I mention that it's the perfect size??! I've had such a hard time finding one that hold everything I need it to. particularly a laptop and a few text books. It fits a laptop with plenty of room to spare for books! I spent my day going through my closet emptying out all of the "extras" and paring down to my favorite pieces. This is something I hope to continue doing consistently, considering.. let's be honest here.. It make getting dressed way easier.

This Friday was my first day of a 12 week training for a half marathon. I went for a little barefoot run on the beach, (though it sounds blindly enchanting) I came crawling home with blisters on both feet- tomorrow will be interesting.

Backpack: Urban Outfitters (It's crazy on sale right now too!!)

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