Oct 15, 2013


  This OPI happy/not so happy nail polish is my new favorite. I was looking for the perfect dark purple and was able to score this on sale (which, as we all know- validates everything). Though I'm not a huge nail polish person, I can't seem to get past the dark nail colors, or classic white.

      Here's a little flash back and reminder from this spring, I wrote this for my  first personal blog (The Wood Tumblr) post and have though of it frequently lately. Reading this compels me to think, always leaving me with a desire to write more. Enjoy:

     "I am in the woods. My life is not “in the clear” and hope it never will be. I am in it. This is me hopeful that my life is never rid of what’s inside me. I want to forever remember who I am, and the one who made me. To forget who you are is to forget Love. You may think of Love every hour of everyday but do you remember what’s been done in you by Love? This is my journey of a constant reminder. welcome."


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