Oct 14, 2013


     I can't do anything but express how great this (extra long) weekend was, so many beautiful people to enjoy and look forward to encountering in the future. New and old acquaintances, all at once, I'm now unsure what to do with my self. 0 to 60 then back down suddenly is a wonderful and hard thing, that, in the end, is worth it.

Trying to get back into full swing now, working on the shop, trying (and failing) to figure out whats wrong with the playback in Logic, and settling my mind back into academics. I literally feel like I'm going to go insane.. I need to make a huge map for the rest of the school year (one that rolls up and down to hang on my wall. Kinda like one of those car window cover things? Just not so annoying.) - So many goals, hopefully all attainable if i can just screw my head on the right way and focus.

Midi Rings!!! It's all I can think of (as far as design goes) the last few days. I'm in love. So, to feed my obsession, I've crafted a few leather midi rings (you may have seen them in the first picture of the Fall/Winter lookbook), which I am proud to announce are now available in the shop! Oh goodness, they are my new favorite thing in my wardrobe. So simple, but seem to be really catching peoples eye.

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