Oct 21, 2013


All I have to say is, there's nothing worse than feeling under-dressed at an event. Also, is there a limit on how many days you can rock the same up-do?

Now that I've got my random comments out in the light, lets move on to better things. Today we are have a giveaway! The winner will win two of the bracelets above, one in silver and one in gold.

The requirements:
1. Like Chiffon Aérer's Facebook page
2.Share this post to Facebook
3. Comment, tell us what you like about it or what you would style it with.
4. Optional: Leave email address.

The giveaway is open to anyone and everyone. It will end Wednesday October 23rd. Once you've entered, it's just a waiting game. The Lucky winner will get an email (if given) or a comment from me (if email is not given).   Best of luck to you, xx

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