May 24, 2012

. V i n t a g e .

 Guess what?!! It's finally up! what you ask? something that has been  postponed far to many days..
You must find out for your self before you read on- click here

 seeeeee?!!!! Isn't soooo exciting!? if you didn't look and are refusing to participate, well fine I will have to tell you just because I can't keep it in side any longer! ;)

 I FINALLY started my Vintage section for my shop! Yay! at the moment all i have is some jewelry but hey.. It's still something!! Be sure to come and stop  by to check it out! and keep and eye on it for more vintage, I'm at the moment working on some clothing to post so be ready to be blown away by more awesome vintageness!! 

 You learn many things when opening a vintage shop, mostly about cleaning and posing.. ha! hope you enjoy viewing what i have posted so far!


Here's a little sneak peak! ;)

Vintage genuine leather floral watch

- L i s t e d H e r e -


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  2. the watch is so pretty! good luck on your vintage shop!

    lovely llorys

  3. Hello from your new follower and teammate at Etsy Forum

    Lovely Blog. Good luck.


  4. Thanks Lyne! Off to follow your blog! <3