Jan 31, 2013

Goodbye Dear January

  Tonight, I have more energy than I know what to do with. So, I'm putting it to good use (Blogging). I also have this terrible need for some hot chocolate and this is unfortunate because I already feel like I've had several cups and its 10:30pm.. What the hell, why not? So in some conflict I'm setting off to go make a lot of chocolate.
  I've returned and have resorted to listening to My Brightest Diamond, and making a plan for my life that will only change when I wake up.  I'm fine with that. I feel that I must mention here that I have a new love for the author, blogger,  indie, inspiring, adventure taking Keri Smith. I got here book Wreck This Journal a few years ago and never finished it completely.... I'm not really sure how this happened. (I'm now on the journey to finish wrecking) I went through a phase when i read her blog regularly, but somehow it got lost among all of the things in life. UNTIL, yesterday in the book store when i passed by here lovely Finish This Book  for the thousandth time and actually picked it up. I was suddenly taken into my world with in seconds along side her writing. I sat and read it for over an hour. upon not having any cash i was unable to purchase it but over the weekend i have big plans to do so. There was something so wonderful about it. I would fully recommend it to anyone who loves adventure. 

(You need to listen to this, even if you find it.. Not your style. I suggest just listening aside from your immediately formed opinions good and bad and just appreciate.)

My Brightest Diamond- All Things Will Unwind by anna carr on Grooveshark

Have a wonderful rest of the night and month! I hope you enjoyed reading the last post of January. February is only an hour off. :o  (Readers, you should be proud of me this is the most posts in one month since may 2012)

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