Feb 7, 2013


  Today i was sitting in the library when a man walked in and looked exactly like someone out of a story i started writing somewhere. weird feeling? mhm.  I wish i could  come up with a name that would do him justice; but none other his own would fit. So, until upon some happening of a chance i find out he will remain "he". He walked into view and sat several yards from me in a row of five chairs that had a man with a laptop and a ipod hanging from it with headphones in one ear. On the other was an old lady that had had one to many trips to this place. He was old and not very tall. Though his stomach came further out than it should he looked as if he had been painfully fit, in his day. He looked like someone with a life full of adventures and had adventures to come despite is age. His soft eyes glanced down at the book he was holding open, then looked again around himself to observe once more before settling in. He had short scruffy white facial hair; his face had a roughness that one gets from seeing a lot- aware of the world, and its fautls but most importantly its beauty. Upon his head sat something that looked like the hat of a sea man. It sat endearingly with its faded sides, there seemed to be a kind of emblem on the front, but it couldn't be made out from a distance. Moments after taking all of this in,  he found a newspaper and relocated to the table in front of me with his back turned. I was then caught up in what i was doing and lost focus. When i resurfaced and lost interest in what i was doing previously,  i was taken up with his total contentment as he started in on a cross-word puzzle.  A small smile passed over my face. Holding his news paper up to eye level in one hand and a sticky note with a child's handwriting on it, there were a few words scribbled down, also in this hand he held a pencil ready for the next whatever was to come next. One day i will finish this story.

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