Feb 27, 2013

The Banks Are Moving


Some more photos from knoxville- We went to go see the lovely house that one and only Mr.and Mrs.Reagan are buying.  The house is huge and so beautiful- a wonderful project.

1. The Banks' house. (Reagans)//  2.She's dark but lovely.//  3.REEEAACH//  4.It rained.//  5.Smile you're buying a house.//  6. Lovely shrubs around the new home.//  7. The lighting was killing me. Beeeautiful.//  8. Personly my favorite thing. ever.//  9. Lovelys.//  10. White corner.//  11. room to live.//  12. btdubs those are some cool shoes- Nikes and L.L Bean Duck boots.(And someones leg).

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