Mar 14, 2013

The Bicycle Project

This is classy.

                                                                         Good Colors

This copper bike. *_*

  These handlebar grips are available on a fellow etsy shop! - WalnutStudiolo

I LOVE this bike! (This bike/shop was my original idea sparker)                                                      

T h e  B i c y c l e  P r o j e c t.

A little something i like to call a project. I'm working on getting some pieces to work on my own bike- I have a frame. I know that i would like white and black tires (Road) and leather seat, handlebar grips, etc. The hardest part will be picking a color!! I don't know if i want to keep it really clean looking with white and leather or go with some crazy color... Or a little of both. I like the idea of the top picture with the rims and spokes painted a solid color and the rest of the bike white with a leather seat, its a nice medium.  I have a brand of tires picked out and the grips will be a breeze to cut, dye and sew. I'm hoping to find a seat base that i like and cover it myself. Suggestions on colors? or anything bike related actually..

I'm suuppers excited!! I'll keep you posted with pictures;)

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