May 8, 2012

Embrace Messy

My one question to other artists out there is-  How long can you keep your creating space clean?

For me it lasts about three hours if that! unless i'm gone all day, it is a very short time that i can keep my creating space clean and considering that that takes up about half (an understatement) of my room, it can get a little annoying if someone like me who likes "Clean". everything has a place, it not always in it, but some time you just have to embrace MESSY and CREATIVITY! A lot of time my best creations come form not caring about the mess. So do something messy and embrace it!


  1. Messy, clean, overfilling or empty. Tis the life of an artist. I just posted a similar but different take on my blog at

    Liking your blog Alyssa. I'm a newbie to the blogging world too.

    1. Thanks! Checking out your blog! :) It's always good to know i'm not the only newbie here!!