Feb 15, 2013


One late night after another.. Its been fun Knoxville, I'll be super sad to leave you on Tuesday. I mocha at Cafe 4 this fine evening and some great conversation and planning of the life. I've been sick over the last few days, again.. I feel as though I've been sick for the last three months. That may not be totally true, but it definitely feel that way. I have this terrible feeling like allergic to wheat or milk, or both. Although.. I really don't eat a lot of wheat, so i'm unsure and should probably just start eliminating. I should also probably start writing something interesting..... If i haven't already lost you. Well, one thing i have to say is that Chris Martin tweets to much, even if they are funnier than the average tweetlings. But lets be honest are any of us ones to talk? I'm not, i don't really even like twitter... Yet i find myself being pulled into this vortex of things i hate, but i don't. Got it?  And... For all of you out there who celebrated valentines in some way even if it was dressing in black, i ended up reading The Phantom of the Opera, So lighthearted you say? I know. But i turns out that  i enjoyed it immensely and honestly would love to read it again. I love the movie and have seen it many times and listened to the soundtrack on regular basis, so reading the book was wonderful and makes me only love it even more. My new book challenge is Les Miserables, in two months, starting the timer-- NOW.  There was a terrifying thing this morning on my facebook..A picture, of my father.. In my uncles sports car- I can only imagine what this has begun. I also have a question for all of you pinners, Do you look through your own pins? or is that just me? Sometimes i wonder... Also do bananas float? and one last thing to leave you with-have you ever listened to You Heart will Lead you Home by Kenny Loggins from The Tigger Movie, watch out for that key change at the end>> Best music video you have prrrobably ever seen (btdubs).

(A little something from me to you for the weekend)
Dan Black by anna carr on Grooveshark

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