Feb 13, 2013

Blue is Outside the Window

 Sitting on a large "L" shaped couch in my sisters house (in Knoxville, TN)  gazing into her grand piano. It rained all last night and this morning is left with a slight drizzle. So far we've been to the park and have eaten a lot of food which means there have also been multiple trips to Trader Joe's (only one of the best stores ever). Unfortunately i forgot my camera on such expeditions, which i'm sure would have turned out some great pictures. But until next time i'll just have to live with it. Finished off a cup of coffee and am about to get started on a little school work lingering and waiting for me to attend to its needs. Today lets hope such things go better then yesterdays go at it did.. I found myself drawing a tree on my foot/leg and eating toaster strudels... Lord?

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