Mar 2, 2013

It Was A Weekend Thing


Well.. This past weekend me and my twin took a trip with some other youth to  a cabin in Boone, SC. Lets just say it wasn't all we hoped, partly because we were both sick, the cabins were great but company was shallow. If you look on the bright side i got to see a lovely patch of snow and snap a few pictures in the mountains. I also encountered Grandfather mountain for what i think is the first time- THAT was worth it. That weekend was also a kind of "oohhh, now i get it, that's what i feel" kind of weekend, something along the lines of- Knowing what its like to have a closeness with people is amazing but hard when you don't have it with any current friends, its also really great because it also finds you near kindred people. -“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
― C.S Lewis

1.Fur Tree Farm- My new calling.. A tree farmer.// 2. Its a mountain.//  3. Snow tubing on the patch of snow. (I skipped out for some hot cider)// 4.  The most entertaining- The zipline guide, he knew what was going on.// 5. Feets and rocks// 6. River..Stream..I don't know.// 7. Taking a walk- My favorite part.// 8. Warm lights.// 9. closeness// 10. Ready// 11. Showers are over rated. (Not really)// 12. Sickly twins on our way home.

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