Mar 6, 2013

March On


Hello again, remember me? That blogger that comes around from time to time when she feels excited about life and or full of emotion...  Or maybe she just found something to be inspired by. I am back. I could also be back because i had a lovely trip to Starbucks full of coffee this afternoon and didn't really eat much after- I spent most of my time looking at Anthropologie's new spring collection getting excited and designing a few new things for The Shop. I also spent a fair amount of time shopping around on Etsy gathering supplies that will set these designs into motion and its only made the wheel turn faster.. I was only a few moments ago laying in my bead trying to sleep- but I've given up on the idea for now. 

Things that currently make me dance-
-Gold  and white
-hand printed fabric
-Deep blue
-silk ribbon
-long coats (Wool)
-Fur trees
-paper packaging
-Floral (Spring is COMING)
-Chunky Knits
-Duck Boots
-Multi colored sweaters
-Pocket Notebooks 

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✕ Unusual and lovely

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