Mar 10, 2013

Glitter and Gold

 A few new and exciting items in The Shop! Gold and white seems to my new theme. Necklace Listed here.
I was so excited about the shoe project!! I could hardly wait after getting the shoes to get home and start them.. The Back story-  I had bought a bottle of Martha Stewart's metallic gold fabric paint and  wasn't able to use it for the project it was originally meant for. I was then on a search to find its purpose! Stumbling on to some metallic shoes was when the light bulb went on.  You can find my source of idea here- If you're Thinking About... Metallic Shoes The shoes are also available for purchase here - Glitter and Gold Shoes (More pictures to come with my new vintage coat that should be arriving tomorrow. BooYa)

Thanks for stopping in! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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