Mar 20, 2013

Evening Coffee

From where I sit there's a girl in little red heels, long jacket and little brown square frames with a book out in front of her and a pen ready to underline her favorite thoughts found behind the cover and a man who was just got back from India on missions work and has formed a strange opinion of travel and is proud that he hasn't shaved in two and a half weeks exactly, hes obviously been counting although he claimed not to have noticed it. In front of me a half eaten croissant and a second americano among my C.S.  Lewis and Victor Hugo books that pile on my mind as I try to drown out the sound of the man with an itchy beard and a loose mouth about things he lacks understanding for or is a lot wiser than the average bear, he pulls in all the regulars (who arent hidding behind a book) and employees at this fine establishment, as he is in fact one of the ladder.

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